Franklin Food Market Sioux Falls

Meat Department

Providing fresh cuts of meat isn't a science - and it shouldn't be. The meat cutters at Franklin Food Market refuse to use gas or fillers to preserve the shelf-life of their meats. Instead, they cut fresh meat daily and sell it at one of Sioux Falls' best market prices. Everything from perfectly trimmed prime-rib to the leanest chicken breasts, our meat cutters can help you find the meat you need.

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Franklin Food Market stocks a variety of the most colorful and ripe fruits and vegetables. Because we work with one of the largest distributors in the region, we can provide some of the most crisp and best tasting produce available. We inspect our produce every day to ensure its freshness, so you'll never end up with a bad apple!


Franklin Food Market was the first store in the Siouxland area to provide customers with a milk day! Our dairy aisles are packed with the essential varieties of milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs! Our every-day milk special is one of the lowest prices you'll find in the Sioux Falls area!

Milk Special - 2/$7.00, No limit, every Wednesday!

Frozen Foods

Frankin Food Market has 31 freezer cases full of frozen vegetables, meats, packaged meals, and pizzas to feed your family on a busy night! Franklin also carries a variety of ice creams, pies, and other desserts.

Beer Aisle

Our selection of beers may be small, but our prices are one of the best in Sioux Falls! Franklin Food Market carries the most popular beers from Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, and Pabst. We also carry a variety of malt liquors!